Psalm 37:20 also shows the ultimate fate of the wicked will be destruction by fire.

The "hell fire" that the Bible speaks of will be thousands of degrees hotter than the imaginary "hell fire" of most preachers—which is only hot enough to torment. The biblical "hell fire" will totally consume the disobedient! Never will they exist again. Notice also that it is God who will burn the wicked up—not Satan or his demons.

The Bible plainly shows that those who have known God's truth and still refuse to obey it, or willfully disobey, will reap the wages of sin—eternal death (Romans 6:23)! This scripture means what it says. The attempts of many theologians to "explain away" death and to "interpret" it as mere "separation from God" cannot be reconciled with Scripture. Death clearly does not mean "eternal life" in the horrifying torments of an eternal "hell." The author of this pagan deception is none other than the father of lies—Satan the Devil (John 8:44)!