When God set apart and made holy the seventh-day Sabbath for man (Genesis 2:2-3; Mark 2:27), He gave mankind a day of rest that has great significance.

To His "church in the wilderness"—the congregation of ancient Israel (Acts 7:38)—God revealed that Sabbath keeping would be a "sign" between Him and His people (Exodus 31:16-17). This sign is a proof of identity. Keeping the weekly Sabbath reminds us that God is the Creator of all things, including man. It is also a major sign identifying the true people of God.

The Sabbath also pictures to God's people the soon-coming Millennium, when mankind will experience "rest" from war, poverty, fear, and suffering. This 1,000-year period will be the seventh millennial "day"—the "Sabbath"—of God's 7,000-year "week." It is then that the knowledge of God's wonderful purpose will fill the earth (Isaiah 11:9).

But the keeping of the seventh-day Sabbath has even further significance and meaning. It also looks forward to the completion of God's spiritual creation in man. The Sabbath is a type of the Christian's future spiritual "rest"—of being born into the divine Kingdom or Family of God! When born of God's Spirit, we will no longer be working against the weaknesses of our present mortal flesh. With spirit-composed bodies, we will never become tired or weary. We will always be alert and active!