Is there anything wrong with having the earth as an eternal inheritance? Would you "settle" for earth?

The earth today would be an extremely wonderful place in which to live were it not for sin—rebellion against God and His eternal spiritual laws that bring peace, happiness, and joy! Happiness and joy are not a matter of geographical location. Happiness is a state of mind—a spiritual condition!

There will be no sin in the spiritual Kingdom of God. No liars, no murderers, no thieves or robbers. Think of it—there will be no Devil to deceive anyone, no locks on doors, no jails, no hospitals, no poor houses! No strife, no war—no sickness or disease—no poverty, no hunger, no want! What a wonderful inheritance!

When we put all the scriptures together, it becomes crystal clear that the reward of the saints is not strumming on harps up in heaven for all eternity. It is infinitely more glorious and exciting than that!